FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHER - Patricia Schnepf    was born raised, and studied art in New York. Patricia now makes her home in Shoreline, Washington.  She creates art with realism and often  combines photorealism with an impressionistic or sometimes an abstract style in a 'mixed media' art form (using special software) focused on the beauty, design, and intrigue of natural elements and what surrounds them -- interacting or standing alone, and mostly in harmony.   Art has always been a part of her life and photography is currently her main focus - it is her passion in combination with photographic art.  Patricia Schnepf continues to have private and public showings along with special juried internet exhibitions. She is currently preparing for new shows. Patricia moved to Shoreline, Washington in June of 2011 and carried on creating, exhibiting, and selling her art. Many of her creations are in private collections worldwide. Patricia has won numerous awards and her "A Surreal View of the Waterfront" appears as public art in Seattle's International district. Patricia's artwork is in print (Photographer's Forum) and she continues to expand her artistic ventures to include product design, image licensing, and event photography.

Prior Exhibitions -
November 2009 was a busy month for Patricia Schnepf.  She was accepted to exhibit her works at the Renaissance Court Gallery at the Chicago Cultural Center, partially funded by a grant   presenting more than 25 pieces of her artwork with a predominant theme “Flowers of Impression(ism).”  It was quite an exciting event.  There were 90 submissions – 15 individuals and 2 groups were accepted to exhibit their artwork between 2010 – 2012.  These exhibitions are planned and juried well in advance of the exhibitions.    The exhibition ran from the beginning of June 2012 to July 2012.  Some of the artwork for her exhibition is currently in Patricia Schnepf’s Imagekind Gallery. Additional images for the exhibition will be included as time goes on. Each of these images will have a note attached about the exhibition.

Patricia exhibited her sketches ("Study of a Man") in a group show (The Best of Renaissance Court) at the Renaissance Court Gallery in 2010 and the Palette & Chisel's ("Practice: The Stretch") Drawing and Sculpture show in 2011. Additional works were shown at the Palette & Chisel's Spring Sale 2011. Both the Renaissance Court Gallery and the Palette & Chisel Fine Art Academy are located in Chicago, IL. She further exhibited, and sold, her artwork at juried competitions in Chicago as well as at several Chicago art fairs.  


The Gallery provides a showcase of some of her art shared with you through The Shoppers Way.  New works are currently  displayed in the artist's Galleries  on Imagekind.



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